About Us

Metro D Lawn Care is a local downriver business focused on giving our clients the best experience possible. We asked ourselves: What is the most important quality to our clients? The answer… Consistency. In order to best serve our clients, we build our entire company around the one value of consistency.

Lawn Care Industry ProfessionalImproving Consistency
We stick to lawn maintenance in order to ensure our employees can provide the best service.
We make sure to keep to our schedule and perform service on the same day every week.
We quickly contact clients in cases of rain delays.
We respond to all forms of communication promptly.
We created our 3-Hour Guarantee!

3-Hour Guarantee

Our guarantee states that anyone unsatisfied with our service can request we fix it within THREE hours, and if we fail to fix it in that time period they never pay for the service! How do we not lose money on this offer? It’s simple… we’re consistent. Since implementing this guarantee complaints have become nearly non-existent. The best part is that when a rare mistake does happen our employees fix it and notify our client before they ever find out for themselves!

Companies that fix problems for us are who we like to work with and that is why we created a company that does just that for you.

Meet the Owners of Metro D Lawn Care

Kyle McKay | Metro D Lawn Care

Kyle McKay
New Boston, Michigan

Ryan Suemnick | Metro D Lawn Care

Ryan Suemnick
New Boston, Michigan