Professional Lawn Care Services in Brownstown, Woodhaven, Trenton, Riverview and Flat Rock

If one would ask you how would you define a healthy, lush lawn, what would you say in terms of lawn care? Here at Metro D Lawn Care, the very definition of a spectacularly strong, thriving and gorgeous lawn doesn’t rely on words, but on our Brownstown client accounts, as we have been offering lawn care services in the area for a very long time. We define the best lawns in the light of our science – savvy, discerning clients, who needed specialized services based on the newest technologies and the latest developments in agronomy and horticulture. Our presence in Brownstown, Woodhaven, Trenton, Riverview and Flat Rock enabled us to learn and understand not only the climacteric conditions that influence the thriving of a beautiful lawn, but also the soil chemistry and the greenery behavior depending on weather and external factors.

We Are Here for Your Lawn Mowing Needs

If you take a walk in Brownstown you will see that no two lawns or gardens look the same, and this is because we treat each and every one of them individually, starting a treatment program or a maintenance one by an on-location appraisal which analyses the circumstances your turf is exposed to, the species of grass, the needs for aeration or lawn mowing it needs. After the appraisal is complete, our technicians will treat your lawn specifically for its needs, exploiting its strengths so it can reach its maximum potential.